Be inspired not only to achieve – but to enhance – business and personal goals. Create a practice that patients find they want to visit again and again. Joan Garbo’s unique flair for effective edutainment has engaged and trained dental teams throughout the U.S. for 30 years. Her spirited sessions are knowledgeable, interactive and solutions-oriented, guaranteed to turn even the best clock-watching-toe-tapping-pen-clicking-doodle-making attendees into well-engaged participants!

Select one (or more) of Joan’s most requested presentations listed below or contact our office about tailoring a presentation for your next meeting:

» Practice Excellence: Attitude Really IS Everything

Gain the tools to transform your experience from “I gotta go to work” to “I get to go to work!” Learn how to create a belief system that is free of the past and focused on the future, how to maintain an upbeat, positive attitude regardless of the circumstances, and the 6 principles for managing a practice that create raving fans.

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» 7 Leadership Mistakes Doctors Make … And How to Fix Them

Gain a fresh perspective and tools for building a team that is personally and professionally developed to fulfill the vision of the practice. Learn the keys to having more fun at work, better harmony among team members, a greater sense of satisfaction in both personal and professional relationships, and greater ease in achieving goals.

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» Service with a Smile! Building a Happy Team

Service begins—and ends—with an authentic smile. What creates a happy team devoted to providing exceptional service to patients is a culture of compassion, empathy and open communication. Learn the keys to service that ensure patients will be wowed and proud to be a part of your practice.

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