In-Office Consulting

Have you ever returned from a conference revved up only to have the enthusiasm deflate shortly thereafter? Don’t fret. Sometimes, a little extra TLC is needed. With the same attention to detail and zeal, Joan Garbo’s In-Office Consulting is an individually designed program that has a surefire three-phase strategy:

1. In-depth Assessment     2. Hands-on Training     3. Follow-up Coaching

Trust us, you’re going to love this! Here’s how it works:

  • Prior to the initial visit, each participant completes a specialized questionnaire designed to provide insights as to the management and team members’ perception of the current business practices and environment.
  • The initial office visit begins with a day and a half long training session for all owners, managers and team members, including a weekly communication meeting and “internal marketing” practices.
  • The sessions will:
    • Expand your team’s ability to communicate effectively with one another
    • Provide the basis for teamwork
    • Provide an atmosphere that naturally attracts customers
  • During the three months following the initial training, Joan is available on an “on-call” basis for coaching, in addition to a scheduled monthly coaching call.
  • In the fourth month, Joan will meet again with the entire team for another training session, followed by another two months of coaching.