Rave Reviews

Dr. French Hickman, Program Chairperson | Southwestern Society of Orthodontists

"Everyone is in agreement—yours was the best program ever presented to the Society."

Jack Feller, D.D.S., M.S. | Salt Lake City, UT

"You are a gifted speaker and an energetic and enthusiastic human being. We are still getting comments about how excited everyone was to go back to their offices and implement your ideas. I whole-heartedly recommend your seminar to anyone in the business of serving people."

Mary Hadfield, VP Education | Kwik-Kopy Corporation

"...almost without fail, everyone answered the "What did you enjoy most?" question with... "the Joan Garbo presentation!" Even though you are a little lady, you are about as effective as a little atomic blast!"

Michael Baron, DDS

"Joan says what every doctor wants their staff to hear, and what every staff wants their doctor to hear."

Kim Charles McGuire, VP Business Development | Irvine Associates Architects, Inc.

"Your program was so popular with our staff that most of the comments we received were that they wished the program could have been extended because the time flew by. They really liked the enthusiasm you portrayed and the colorful examples you used to make a point. Considering we have a very professional, highly educated and independently-minded staff, it is quite a compliment to have this kind of consensus of opinion!"

Charles Wear, DDS

"Joan’s wisdom, judgment, knowledge of people and their relationships, enthusiasm, and inspiration give to others a very special insight on how to make the most of their lives on earth."

Gib Snow, DDS, Specialist in Orthodontics

"Joan Garbo sits at the top of the list of the very best speakers to both staff and doctors. She pulls in standing room only attendance at Orthodontic meetings at all levels. She is a must when a practice brings in a motivator for a staff retreat."

Bruce Bradley, Branch Manager | Texas Commerce Bank

"Your motivational speech combined with our rally was off the board on the enthusiasm charts. Our bankers are still talking about the rally after 2 months. What an impact!"

John Gerling, DDS, MS | McAllen, TX

"I want you to really take what I am about to say to heart. Joan, you live every day in this practice. The relationships you have fostered between me, my staff and our patients are a result of your teachings and philosophy. For that, I will be eternally grateful. One of the mysteries in life for me is why more people don't 'get it.'"