Personal Coach

Personal Coach

At some point in our lives, we may have been guilty of the old adage about missing the “elephant in the middle of the room.” Joan Garbo is a master personal coach—that sees and hears what you don’t—which can make or break the integrity of your practice or company.

Joan has an innate gift of professionalism coupled with practical ability. What does that mean to you? You’ll have your own personal “on the sidelines” coach to not only to motivate you, but also to be your decision-making “sounding board,” your communications trainer, your project co-designer, your unconditional supporter and champion. Joan will walk with you as you journey toward fulfilling the destiny in your business and personal goals.

What’s more? Joan’s personal coaching is just that—personal—specifically designed to help turn your challenges into opportunities.

Your Needs Are More Than Just Communication…

Staff Development

When you need help with developing a team that you love to work with, Joan can help you build it. With years of experience in team dynamics, Joan knows the ins and outs of team dynamics and how to choose the best people for each position.

Marketing Strategies

Whether you are looking to increase your doctor or patient referrals, Joan has the expertise to help you navigate the struggles that come with marketing your practice.

Staff Motivation

Motivating your team is crucial to success and the way you connect with your team will determine how well they do. Joan can help you build bonds that will motivate your team to do their best.

Creating balance in family, business, and personal commitments

This is the crux of our humanity. How we work, play and connect with people on all of our levels. This is where you need a coach to guide you through the ways to connect, structure your time and devide your enegeries.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution at home or work is one of the hardest things we deal with. With Joan’s help you will be able to have crucial conversations and avoid conflict before it happens.

Goal-Setting and Achievement

High expectations need high demands. Joan can help you set goals that are achievable and fulfilling to your practice and your life.